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For Students, Families & School Districts

Every student learns differently, so we’ve designed special educational programs to fit a variety of needs. Learn more about how our special education services can make a positive impact on your student’s education. Now accepting students for the 2023-24 school year!

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Approved Private School
(The Day School)

Where “I will be amazing” started. Designed to enable every student with special education needs to reach their full potential, our approved private school offers programs that can make an amazing difference for your student.
  • For Students with Autism (Ages 5-21)
  • For Students with Multiple Disabilities (Ages 5-21)
  • Transition Services (Ages 14-21)

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Licensed Private Academic School

Our licensed private academic school serves students who need an increased level of support to succeed socially and academically. Blended learning integrates in-person instruction and technology to meet students where they are and encourage engagement.
  • For Students with Autism
  • For Students with Multiple Disabilities
  • JobSpan Program

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Transition Services

The learning environment extends beyond the classroom for transition-age students enrolled in our forward-thinking programs. We offer comprehensive transition services focused on young adults ages 14-21 to prepare them for life after graduation.
  • Community-Based Instruction
  • Pre-Vocational Skills Training
  • Community Partnerships

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Additional Services

Student success is dependent on more than just the very best education. It requires a focus on the whole student and an understanding of additional programs that can help them thrive.

School-Based Behavioral Health Services

The school environment can be challenging. From struggles with peers to stress and worry over grades, it’s important to monitor students’ mental health. Learn how this program can enhance the social and emotional well-being of students.

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Related Therapy Services

Therapies like occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy are integrated into students’ daily routines within school settings to enhance academic and overall success.

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Hear From Amazing Kids & Families

Jayden is becoming his best self with the resources and support provided by the Autism Support Program at The Day School.
Kema M.
school parent
The Day School is really helping Wayne become more independent as he prepares for life after school.
Katie W.
school parent
We were just one little family with a child who was different, climbing this huge mountain of medical complexity and feeling lost, scared, and alone. And then, thank goodness, we discovered The Children's Institute.
Kim W.
school parent
The Day School provides a warm and caring environment structured around high standards and accountability that is customized to meet the needs of each student. They also include the needs of our whole family in Harry's educational care.
Melody L.
school parent

We're Here to Help

The Children’s Institute welcomes new students throughout the school year. Our ability to provide expert educational services to students with a wide variety of needs makes our programs as unique as the students we serve. We invite parents/guardians and school districts to learn more about which program may be the right fit for your student.

1. Referrals

Many families discuss the possibility of an out-of-district placement with their school district first, then connect with our team and schedule a tour. While school district referrals are most common, we welcome medical professionals, related service providers, parents, and caregivers to inquire about our programs.

2. Enrollment

Our incredible enrollment coordinator is knowledgeable about all our educational service offerings and will lead both parents and school districts through the enrollment process every step of the way. From the time we receive a call or email, to scheduling a tour, to making sure the student and family feel welcome on day one – we’re here for you.

Where to Find Us

Our main campus is located in the heart of the Squirrel Hill neighborhood within the City of Pittsburgh. 

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh

1405 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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Our Admin Team

Our team brings passion to providing expert educational services to amazing students and families. Meet our Educational Services' administrative team. 

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Current Students & Families

From the school calendar, to the lunch menu, to quick access to the school parent portal, and more - check out these helpful resources.

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The Latest

Parents of special needs students adapting to virtual learning
10 Sep 2020

Parents of special needs students adapting to virtual learning

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh earns Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) Accredit
8 Sep 2020

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh earns Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) Accreditation

Schools making changes to protect health of children with intellectual disabilities
13 Aug 2020

Schools making changes to protect health of children with intellectual disabilities

'Our Lifeline': Mother of girl with Down syndrome uses video sessions to connect with daughter's Phy
22 Apr 2020

'Our Lifeline': Mother of girl with Down syndrome uses video sessions to connect with daughter's Physical Therapist

JobSpan: Transitioning Into Adulthood - Andrew's Story

Andrew Wallace, age 20, is learning real-world adult preparation skills for the future through the JobSpan program at The Day School.

"I will be amazing." Christopher Wolfendale and His Story of Amazing Growth

From "I will be amazing" to "I am amazing," Christopher Wolfendale's iconic words continue to hold so much meaning.

Ray Wojszynski Gives the Gift of Music

Ray Wojszynski knew how music could make a difference in people's lives. He chose to share his love for music by giving to benefit the amazing kids at The Children's Institute.

A Legacy of Empowerment

A Legacy of Empowerment

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