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2020-21 Board of Directors

The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh is led by volunteer leaders who donate their time, expertise, and resources. Their leadership and vision are instrumental and invaluable to the growth of The Children's Institute and to fulfilling our mission - To Heal. To Teach. To Empower. To Amaze.


J. A. Katarincic, Jr.


Vice Chairs

Lisa C. Fagan
Jonathan M. Kamin
Henry B. Stafford


Pamela W. Golden


Romayne L. Botti

President and Chief 
Executive Officer

Wendy A. Pardee, Ph.D.


Urmi Ashar, M.D., MBA
Marshall L. Balk, M.D.
Gregory B. Benckart
Susan L. Boyle
Dan Caste
Tina Chekan, Ed.D.
Kate Dewey
Thomas A. Doran
Brett Fulesday
Anthony Gabbianelli
Robert I. Glimcher
Michael P. Haggerty
Michael J. Hannon
Brian M. McInerney    
Matthew Smith
Jason R. Wilburn

Associate Members

Nancy M. Armstrong
Thomas J. Bachman
Mary Florence Brown
Paulette P. Cantwell
Patricia Suzanne Chesko
Henry C. Cohen
N. John Cooper, D.Phil.
Sandy W. Côté
Christina A. Decker
John R. Denny
George M. Egan
Sheila C. Fine
Henry J. Gailliot 
Lillian H. Goldsmith  
George C. Greer  
Joseph E. Imbriglia, M.D.
Ellen P. Kessler  
Pradeep K. Khosla, Ph.D.
Eileen L. Lane  
Allan MacDougall III
Ann M. McGuinn  
Michele M. McKenney    
B. Gordon Nelson III  
Barbara K. Nelson 
Maureen S. O’Brien
Judy G. Papernick  
Ruth S. Perfido
F. Brooks Robinson Jr.  
Susan Baker Shipley
Lea H. Simonds  
Ann E. Sullivan  
Harry A. Thompson II  
Ginny Thornburgh  
John Thornburgh
Jamee W. Todd  
James W. Ummer  
Susan C. Williams  
Margot B. Woodwell

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