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The Children’s Institute welcomes new students throughout the school year. Our ability to provide expert educational services to students with a wide variety of needs makes our programs as unique as the students we serve. We invite parents/guardians and school districts to learn more about which program may be the right fit for your student.

1. Referrals

Many families discuss the possibility of an out-of-district placement with their school district first, then connect with our team and schedule a tour. While school district referrals are most common, we welcome medical professionals, related service providers, parents, and caregivers to inquire about our programs.

2. Enrollment

Our incredible enrollment coordinator is knowledgeable about all our educational service offerings and will lead both parents and school districts through the enrollment process every step of the way. From the time we receive a call or email, to scheduling a tour, to making sure the student and family feel welcome on day one – we’re here for you.

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