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Transition & Life Skills SupportJobSpan

JobSpan: Life Skills Support for Students Ages 17-21

The foundation of JobSpan includes comprehensive, evidence-based assessments, skill tracking, and real-world training opportunities for students with disabilities. 

By providing career development opportunities and workplace preparation, JobSpan allows students who have not yet received a high school diploma an opportunity to grow in a positive and nurturing learning environment.

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Benefits of JobSpan

Imagine a future where students of different abilities accomplish more than what some thought was possible. We focus on the whole student and their unique skills and interests to guide them through the JobSpan journey to best meet their needs.


PAES® Lab provides individualized pre-vocational assessments for each student.


Full-time and part-time enrollment options.


Recreational, leisure, and functional academic skills are nurtured throughout the JobSpan program.


Established community partnerships provide students with a range of life skills and pre-vocational experiences.

More About JobSpan

JobSpan provides coordinated and comprehensive training and assessment opportunities for students typically within three years of graduation, between the ages of 17-21. Students most appropriate for this program include those with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism who demonstrate the following skills:
  • Motivated and able to complete work or tasks over a sustained period of 30+ minutes
  • Skilled in basic skills such as following directions, making choices, group participation, and expressing their wants and needs
  • Able to walk or use a manual/power wheelchair independently
  • Capable and interested in engaging in the community
  • Career development and workplace preparation
  • Targeted assessments and job/volunteer placements focusing on student preferences, strengths, and potential
  • Increased employment and/or volunteering exposure
  • Targeted skills tracking across in-school and outside-school job/volunteer sites
  • On-going dialogues and information sessions with actual and potential employers
  • Functional English/language arts and math skills related to identified job/volunteer opportunities
  • Recreation and leisure opportunities
  • Community participation and connections
  • Partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

JobSpan Student Stories

Hear from others why JobSpan is an amazing program that empowers students to learn, grow, and succeed at school, at home, and in the community.

Andrew Wallace, age 20, is learning real-world adult preparation skills for the future through the JobSpan program at The Day School.

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