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Our Roots Run Deep

In 1902, Mary Irwin Laughlin established the Memorial Home for Cripple(d) Children to care for Emile, a six-year-old boy who lost his legs in a train accident. Since our founding, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh has seen many changes, but has always remained committed to Mary Irwin Laughlin’s mission of supporting kids with special needs and their families.
When you make a legacy gift, you are welcome to join the Mary Irwin Laughlin Society in recognition of you furthering our mission. Together we can heal, teach, and empower amazing kids for generations to come.

For more than a century, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh has been committed to helping kids with special needs and their families. You can be a part of this legacy by investing in our future with a planned gift, and together we can continue changing the lives of amazing kids.

Complete our short planned giving survey by March 31, 2023 to received a complimentary t-shirt!

Legacy Gifts

These legacy gifts make an amazing impact.
Bequests allow you to leave a future gift as part of your will or estate plan. Bequest gifts are a simple way to make a big impact for years to come.
If you are 70 ½+, a donation made directly from your IRA can help you save valuable income tax dollars while supporting our amazing kids today.
Annuity trusts or Unitrusts allow you to make a notable donation that will benefit our amazing kids either now or in the future.
Life insurance designations allow you to make a significant gift for a minimal investment, which will support our mission for years to come.

Making a Planned Gift

For more information or if you have already made planned giving arrangements that benefit our amazing kids, please contact Abby Pittinaro.

Email  Phone: 412.420.2204

Stories That Inspire

Meet Gez Ebbert, one of our superhero supporters. Gez made an amazing commitment to the future of The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh by making a legacy gift.

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Not sure what the next step is? You can always call our Information Center at 412.420.2400 to speak to a team member who can direct you to the support and answers you need.

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