A Legacy of Empowerment

A Legacy of Empowerment
Gez Ebbert, donor
Empowering amazing kids for the future starts by reflecting on our amazing past and the incredible individuals who give their support to ensure the many children and families we serve have the brightest futures. We shine a light on Gez Ebbert, one of our superhero supporters, as the great-granddaughter of Jennie Totten Kay – one of the friends of Mary Irwin Laughlin who helped to establish The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh in 1902. 

The Children’s Institute is my family and it is such an amazing place. For more than 100 years, the organization has evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of children with unique needs. During my 40 years as an educator, I worked extensively with special needs students. I know the importance of inclusivity and accessibility, of education and technology, of resilience and therapy. The Children’s Institute is extraordinary in providing the resources these children need to live their best lives.

I appreciate and share that devotion, as did my family before me. From the time of my great-grandmother, we have been investing in the present and for the future of The Children’s Institute and the lives it transforms.

While my family connections to The Children’s Institute can be traced from its first days to today (my cousin Lisa Fagan is a vice chair of the Board of Directors), I would be involved with the organization no matter what because of its special mission. I have been meeting with my financial team to develop a long-term planned giving strategy. Every penny counts, as does the thought behind it. I am sharing with The Children’s Institute what I have, both now while I am living and after my death. My family will always be a proud part of the history and future of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh.

Join Gez in building this legacy of empowerment for The Children’s Institute. By investing in our future with a planned gift – bequest intentions, IRA distributions, charitable trusts, and/or insurance designations – you empower us to impact the lives of children with special needs and their families today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Friends of The Children’s Institute who make a legacy gift are recognized as members of the Mary Irwin Laughlin Society.

For more information regarding planned giving arrangements, please contact a member of our development team.

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