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Care Coordination

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Care Coordination is a team and family-driven process that facilitates access to services that improve health care outcomes and increase satisfaction for families. Our flexible and comprehensive services are designed to meet the needs of children and the entire family with a holistic approach to care.

For Infants

Diversion or Stabilization | Prenatal to Age 3
Infant Care Coordination is a remote service that empowers families to utilize community resources and natural supports to decrease barriers that affect the infant and family's well-being.

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For Children with Medical Complexities

Prevention, Diversion or Stabilization | Birth to Age 21 
This program empowers families to meet the complex medical needs of their child in the best way possible.

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For Individuals with Substance Use Disorder

Prevention, Diversion or Stabilization | Ages 14 and Above
This 12-week specialized program aims to help individuals with substance use disorder by providing community resources to support current users, individuals in treatment, and individuals who may have relapsed. We work with the caregiver to ensure stabilization and quality of care to their children.

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For Individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Other Obesity-Related Disorders

The Children's Institute has a long history of caring for children and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS). Our care coordination program helps persons with PWS and their families by creating a comprehensive care plan that supports physical and behavioral health and wellness.

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