YOU MAKE AN AMAZING IMPACTAnnual List of Life Changers

Together, we are changing lives.

We are proud to be here as a lifeline to those who need us most. As an extension of The Children’s Institute Foundation, our supporters have also been a lifeline to our amazing kids and families. Together, we are changing lives. View our Annual List of Life Changers to see the many amazing individuals, organizations, foundations, and more who truly make an impact.

Image of frog fountain against mosaic backdrop made by students

Watch impact in action.

Fiscal Year 2023
(July 2022-June 2023)

Fiscal Year 2022
(July 2021-June 2022)

Fiscal Year 2021
(July 2020-June 2021)

Fiscal Year 2020
(July 2019-June 2020)

Fiscal Year 2019
(July 2018-June 2019)

Fiscal Year 2018
(July 2017-June 2018)

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