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We're Here as an Amazing Resource for Children and Families in Need

The safety and well-being of amazing kids and families are at the heart of all we do.
That's why we are here as a resource to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of children and their entire family. These comprehensive services begin with prevention and diversion, placement services if needed, and can span the continuum to address reunification and stabilization to offer a holistic approach to care.

These amazing resources fall within two services at The Children's Institute: Two specific services (Infant Care Coordination and the Infant Parent Empowerment Program) also provide a solution to the Pennsylvania requirement (Act 54 2018) to develop a Plan of Safe Care for infants and their caregivers. This continuum of care service model has also proven to prevent re-entry into the child welfare system in various counties.  

Services offered throughout this model begin with a less intensive approach and intensity of services increases as more supports are provided to each child and family.

Care Coordination Services

Diversion or Stabilization
Prenatal to Age 3

Infant Care Coordination is a remote service that implements specific modules to identify family barriers in 12 different domains. The goal of this service is to empower families to utilize community resources and natural supports to decrease identified barriers. A post-discharge follow-up occurs for the family if they have not been referred to a higher level of service prior to discharge.
Prevention, Diversion or Stabilization
Birth to Age 21

Care coordination for children with medical complexities is a remote service that addresses barriers in 12 different domains. The goal of this service is to empower families to utilize community resources and natural supports to meet the medical needs of the child in the best way possible. A post-discharge follow-up occurs if the client has not been referred to a higher level of service.
Prevention, Diversion or Stabilization
Ages 14 and Above

Care coordination for individuals with substance use disorder is a 12-week specialized program that is offered remotely and highlights barriers in 12 different domains. This program focuses on the individual's substance use disorder and provides community resources to support those in need:
  • Current users
  • Individuals in treatment
  • Individuals who may have relapsed
The focus of this program is to provide stabilization to the caregiver in order for them to provide a quality of care to their children.

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