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Vision 2023 Strategic Plan

We're on a mission:
To Heal. To Teach. To Empower. To Amaze.

That starts with a vision.

The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh is a century-old success story with new chapters written every day. Our strategic plan, Vision 2023: An Amazing Future, provides direction for writing those new chapters by addressing the current needs of our community. With strong leadership from our Board of Directors and Leadership team, as well as critical input from team members and key stakeholders, we have plotted a clear direction forward through the following strategic goals.

Vision 2023 Goals

We will operate a portfolio of services within a financially sustainable model that achieves breakeven from operations by the end of fiscal year 2023.

We are stewards and protectors of our mission and recognize that the effective execution of our mission requires financial viability. We must invest in and develop an array of services that are mission-focused and sustainable.

We will aggressively pursue partnerships that enhance our capacity to provide, develop, and connect to a sustainable, holistic array of exceptional services that support individuals with disabilities across their lifespan. 

We must pursue partnerships that enhance our capabilities. We will cultivate partnerships with like-minded organizations to enhance our development and provision of integrated, holistic care to support individuals with disabilities at every stage of life.

We will attract and retain the best talent to ensure our quality of services and reputation continue to differentiate us from our peers. 

When families speak about the impact of The Children’s Institute on their lives, they don’t talk about the buildings, locations, or equipment. They talk about the phenomenal care provided by our team of professionals. The best people will result in the best care for our amazing kids.

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