Powering Off: The Benefits of Unplugging to Recharge

Powering Off: The Benefits of Unplugging to Recharge
Technology provides us with wonderful opportunities to connect with others in ways we could only imagine years ago. 

The recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many of us – including children of all ages – to use our computers, phones, apps, and gaming consoles as our primary tools to stay in touch with our loved ones and feel connected to others. 

Screen time is often how we unwind, work, or socialize and connecting with others through technology is a positive tool in moderation.

But between working or attending school on a computer all day, watching tv, and mindlessly scrolling on our devices, many kids and adults are exposed to 12+ hours of blue light a day. 

Especially in the evening, light throws the body's biological clock and circadian rhythm out of natural cycle. In fact, the effects of blue light impact quality of sleep and can be linked to other health impacts through the body. 

There are many benefits for kids and adults to take a break from screen time, including:
  1. Reducing stress 
  2. Increasing face-to-face connections 
  3. Connecting to the natural world
  4. Increasing mindfulness
  5. Boosting energy and mood
Remember to encourage your kids to take regular breaks from screen time. It’s healthy and essential to wellbeing. When coupled with an increase in physical activity, these breaks will help both the body and mind. 

Just like our devices, it’s crucial to unplug and recharge ourselves.

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Marie Fritch
Outpatient Behavioral Health Therapist

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