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How to Help Your Kids Tie Shoes in Less Than 30 Seconds!

How to Help Your Kids Tie Shoes in Less Than 30 Seconds!
Shoe tying is an essential skill, but it can be challenging and frustrating for children to master. At The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh, our expert occupational therapy team is here to help with tips to help empower some of the youngest amazing kids to tie their shoes more confidently in a fun, engaging way. Let's tie shoes with the help of Nathan Sharbaugh, occupational therapy manager!

Follow these fun and simple steps to help kids tie shoes.

  1. First, we're going to make an X and lay it down to see what's on top.
  2. The top one is going to go through the tunnel and we pull.
  3. Next, we're going to make a tree close to the ground.
  4. The bunny is going to run around the tree and into the bunny hole.
  5. Finally, you're going to pinch those bunny ears and pull.
Watch the video above to see these steps in action.

To learn more about occupational therapy services at The Children's Institute, visit here.

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