Pediatric Ventilator Management

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Pediatric Ventilator Management

The Ventilator Management Program at The Children’s Institute has expertise and experience that is unmatched in the region. Our team is able to initiate, monitor, and adjust mechanical ventilators according to each patient’s response and medical condition. We are able to treat any patient with a breathing disorder who is in need of ventilator support.

The Ventilator Management Team is led by Dr. Howard Ferimer, one of our staff physicians. Dr. Ferimer oversees all ventilator management and advises our team of Respiratory Therapists and nurses. The therapists and nurses work together to provide care and training for our tracheostomy and ventilator patients.

This team has an extremely high success rate weaning patients from ventilators. The specialized healthcare team utilizes an individualized approach to help patients regain independent breathing. We are focused on improving quality of life and help each patient reach his or her full potential.

Our team of respiratory therapists not only specializes in the management of ventilators, but also in training for mechanical ventilation. These therapists also play a huge role as educators for families. From the time the patient arrives to discharge, they will work one-on-one with family members and caregivers to educate and train them on their child’s respiratory needs. This includes ventilator management, tracheotomy suctioning, tracheostomy care, handling emergency situations in the home, and ensuring overall comfort handling their child’s ventilator needs. We make sure all caregivers feel not only comfortable, but confident providing respiratory and ventilator care in the home setting, if it is needed after discharge.

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