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Autism Services

It’s hard to know what’s right for your child. That’s why we are here as an amazing resource to collaboratively create a plan based on your child’s specific needs and our expertise.

Educational Services

From the day they enter a classroom to graduation, every student is guided along an amazing journey to reach their full potential.

Behavioral Health Services

By developing skills to manage mood, thinking, and behaviors, amazing kids become happier and healthier at home, school, and in the community.

Physical Health Services

With our experienced and creative physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and nutrition teams, treatments are disguised as play.

Family Support Services

With permanency as a focus, our Family Support Services are designed to nurture, support, and maintain the family so all amazing kids can grow in a safe, loving environment.

Early Intervention Services

In affiliation with teli, get the early intervention therapies and care you need for your child age 0-3 directly in your home at no cost to your family.

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24 Jul 2023

The Children's Institute Names Two Executives to its Board of Directors

11 Oct 2022

The Children's Institute Names Four Executives to its Board of Directors

9 Aug 2022

The Children's Institute Adds Two New Members to its Senior Leadership Team

Impact Maker: Emma Holmes, Speech Language Therapist
17 May 2022

Impact Maker: Emma Holmes, Speech Language Therapist

Teaching Alonzo How He Learns Best

Alonzo's progress has been amazing, with huge support from his parents, siblings, and the team of experts at The Day School.

Celebrating Amiyr's Learning Journey

Amiyr, an eighth grader at The Day School, never misses an opportunity to have fun.

Satchel Connects to her World

Satchel is a healthy and happy young woman, and because of what she learned at The Children's Institute, her life is the best it can be.

Maggie Masters Work & Self-Advocacy Skills

Maggie learned real-world training through the community-based instruction program offered at The Day School.

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