Community-Based Instruction Spotlight: Carnegie Library of Homestead

Community-Based Instruction Spotlight: Carnegie Library of Homestead

The Carnegie Library of Homestead opened in Nov. 1898 and is the third-oldest Carnegie library in continuous operation in its original structure in the United States. It stands as a historic landmark in Homestead and continues to operate a library, athletic club, and music hall.

Students at The Day School at The Children’s Institute recently began volunteering at the Carnegie Library of Homestead. Students volunteer with a specific program that involves delivering books to various childcare centers and schools throughout the local area.

Each week, The Day School students travel to the various centers and schools to pick up one set of books and in return, deliver a new set of books. This supported volunteer job has been so successful primarily due to the hospitality of the staff members at Carnegie Library of Homestead. Students will soon expand their volunteer work to include completing a wider variety of tasks within the library itself.

The collaboration between the Carnegie Library of Homestead and The Day School has been very successful and in fact, The Day School students who have participated in this volunteer job often continue onto postsecondary programs which offer similar volunteer activities, showing the full impact of this growing relationship. The Day School looks forward to the continued growth of our partnership with the Carnegie Library of Homestead.

The Day School’s Community-Based Instruction program provides real-world learning experiences that help students meet their goals after graduation. Our students learn to build independence in a variety of workplace and volunteer settings that help to extend their classroom learning. To learn more, please contact [email protected] or 412-420-2222.


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