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We're a lifeline through our amazing services.

Everything matters to us. Because when it's your child, everything matters to you. Life is an amazing journey and we want to be a helpful partner every step of the way. That's why we dedicate our work to improving the futures of those we serve.

Your support to the Amazing Kids Fund enables us to carry out our mission and helps us continue to provide an unwavering commitment to the amazing kids and families we serve. Read some of their amazing stories below.

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Amiyr's Story

Amiyr, age 11, was born with cerebral palsy. At The Day School, he benefits from highly individualized instruction from his teacher, complemented by physical, speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies that strengthen his current abilities. "Every school day is a good day for Amiyr," his mom Brittany explains, "He's excited every morning to go, and he's still excited in the afternoon when he tells me about his day."

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Italia's Story

Italia, age six, is meeting developmental milestones by leaps and bounds. She has autism, and her actions and thoughts and feelings are all jumbled together. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies provided by The Children’s Institute are helping her process, defining her goals, and cultivating the skills she needs to grow. "I am so grateful for the Children's Institute, and for each of the therapists who are intertwined in our lives," her mom Jenny says.

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The Parks' Family Story

"I was making all the wrong decisions as a young single mom, and I lost custody of Cardelia," mom Rebecca explains. "I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, and I didn't have a job, a car, or a safe place to live. I knew I wanted Cardelia back, so I got help to work on my recovery and improve my life situation."

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Kindle's Story

Kindle, age 10, loves to talk. An active, healthy girl, Kindle was fully engaged in life until a seemingly minor incident on the playground at school triggered a rapid cascade of frightening physical, sensory, and cognitive issues. "Naming Kindle's medical disorder answered one question, but left us with countless others," her mom Diane said. "We were overwhelmed with the diagnosis and her suffering...until we found The Children's Institute."

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