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Updates on our Foster Care Services

Based on declines in the participation of our Foster Care program and recent changes by several of the counties who we contract with to provide these services, The Children’s Institute is winding down our Foster Care Placement Services and will focus on strengthening other areas of our Family Support Services

As such, The Children’s Institute will end our contracts to provide Foster Care Placement Services effective Jan. 1, 2022. 

Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for each of our current foster care families and ensure a smooth transition to another trusted, experienced foster care provider. 

Please note that this change does not impact other areas of The Children’s Institute. 

For our current foster families

If you are a current family participating in our Foster Care program and have any questions, please contact either of our two team members listed below:

A focus on Family Support Services

We hope that through this transition, we can focus even more time, energy, and resources on strengthening other areas of Family Support Services, including:

Take Action

Not sure what the next step is? You can always call our Information Center at 412.420.2400 to speak to a team member who can direct you to the support and answers you need.

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