Admission Process

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The Day School at The Children's Institute takes great pleasure in welcoming new students and their families to our school. Our unique ability to meet the needs of students with complex and severe disabilities is recognized locally and nationally as an outstanding program of comprehensive education and related services. We are committed to each child; their experience, their growth, and their potential.

The Referral Process

School referral

School-age students are referred by their local school district when it is determined that the district is unable to provide an appropriate educational program for the student.

Parents interested in having their child attend The Day School may schedule a tour prior to meeting with their school district liaison for special education, but will need to make their school district officials aware of their interest in having their child enrolled in our program. Many families discuss the possibility of a placement for their child with their school district representatives and schedule a visit to our school along with that representative.

Medical referral

Students enrolled in The Day School are generally referred by their school districts but there are also many others — physicians, social workers, etc. — who may recommend our school for a particular child.

Parent referral

It is also possible for a family whose school district does not refer their child for enrollment to establish a private pay contract with The Day School.


Getting started: scheduling a visit

Families interested in exploring the possibility of placing their child in our school can begin the process with just one phone call to our amazing staff at 412-420-2487.Once we obtain some basic preadmission information about your child, we will contact the appropriate supervisor who in turn will contact you to schedule a tour and answer any questions which you may have regarding The Day School and the admission process.

For more information about the admission process at The Day School, please contact us at 412-420-2487.

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