Teaming Together for Teens

Helping Families Through The Challenging Teen Years

There’s no doubt that the teenage years can be hard on families. This program is designed to help. Through the program, parents learn ways to improve their connections with their teens, as well as various parenting techniques. The overall goals of the program are to:

  • Increase parental awareness about healthy relationships and lifestyles
  • Foster positive communication within families
  • Increase youth involvement in family settings
  • Facilitate bonding among family members
  • Provide helpful resources for parents 
  • Decrease conflict between parents and teens
  • Prevent onset of youth alcohol and drug use

This program is offered in Beaver County and requires a referral. Once you have a referral, you’ll be assigned a consultant from Project STAR and begin the Teaming Together for Teens program.

It all starts with a plan

This is the first step: Our consultant will work with you and your family in discussing what you hope to gain from our program. Then, working together, we’ll set obtainable goals and decide on the steps necessary to reach them.

Parents could use some support.

Support Groups: Being a parent of a teen is tough, but you’re not alone. Teaming Together for Teens will help you connect with other parents who are working through similar issues with their teenagers. Through parenting support groups, you can discover untapped resources, new approaches, and parenting methods.

Support groups are held every other week, over dinner, which is provided by Teaming Together for Teens.

Support at Home: Throughout your time with the program you’ll receive one-on-one support from your consultant. These home visits will take place on the weeks in between support group meetings.

Putting the fun back in family time.

For families with teens, a little fun can go a long way towards tolerance, bonding and peace. To help, we provide plenty of opportunities for the family to attend social activities and events together as a family.

For more information about Teaming Together for Teens, please contact Tim Chevalier at Project STAR at 724.775.0209 Ext: 6031 or [email protected].

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