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Students Go Under The Sea At The Day School

Posted: Jul 26, 2017 by The Children's Institute

There was no shortage of imaginary aquatics at The Day School’s sea-themed, large-group activity Thursday morning.

As one student fished for a plastic Dory toy in a water-table bowl, another tackled a climbing wall, complete with paper fish, dubbed “Swim To The Surface.” As a crowd of kids assembled to draw on rainbow fish and others tilted bottles filled with colored water to read messages such as “TDS rocks” and “Be happy” inside, teacher’s aide Sarah Bana extended a red LED light-strand to a student and laughed, saying “Hey, touch a jellyfish!”

Then, of course, there was the Catch of the Day, a table complete with fruit juices and Goldfish crackers in four varieties – original, pretzel, parmesan, and cheddar.

“It’s all part of their program,” said Day School dietitian Jill Hess, as she manned the Catch of the Day table. “And we try to be respectful, too, of the parent’s requests for what the kids are getting.”

This was not The Day School’s first large-group activity of the Extended School Year, or ESY, program. Around Independence Day, the school’s more than 100 students gathered for a flag-raising and then witnessed virtual “fireworks” with musical accompaniment. Later, they took part in their own version of a Color Run, replacing colored chalk dust with colored shredded paper as they ran laps around the gym.

Speech-language Pathologist Carol Robson clearly was excited by the sea-themed event she helped organize, though.

“It’s challenging to keep everyone engaged and enjoying themselves,” said Carol, as she walked through the gym filled with sea-themed activities Thursday. “Some kids are fascinated by water play. Some kids, they like pretend play. The gross-motor kids love the climbing wall. And we try to incorporate the goals they’re working on.”

Next up? A large-group activity on the patio and playground centered around “cool games and treats.” That includes Italian ice and outdoor summer activities such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles and face-painting.

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