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Special "Promposal" Excites Students for Day School Prom

Posted: May 04, 2017 by The Children's Institute

Students Olivia Osborne and Nico Lombardo are going to The Children’s Institutes’ Day School prom together and, in true contemporary fashion, the whole thing started recently with a "promposal."

“Nico’s mom sent flowers for him to give to Olivia and ask her out to prom, so we made a big deal out of it,” social skills therapist Stacy Porter Smith said. “Everyone was super-excited.”

Nico and Olivia are both non-verbal, but staff helped them pop the question on everyone’s mind when Nico came to Olivia’s classroom with her bouquet of flowers. Her response? She smiled widely, did not pause or hesitate, and pushed the button on an iPad – “YES.” The two both went to the prom together last year, too.

“It’s a bit of fun and it’s nice for the kids,” said Kristen Hartmann, Nico’s teacher.

“Olivia’s very engaging, she loves to smile and she’s one of our happiest students, just brightens our day,” said Keith Brednich, Olivia’s teacher. “And Nico’s joy is infectious, contagious. Nico is somebody who, when he’s happy, his whole body says, ‘YES!’”

Prom takes place on Saturday, May 6th, and everyone involved said this year’s incarnation, set to the theme Alice In Wonderland, is going to be a pretty big deal. The event will boast food, snacks and a disc jockey (DJ), as past proms over the years have done. Typically, about 50 students attend, some with dates from the school and some with dates from the community. Some will go solo or “stag.” But, either way, Mom and Dad aren’t necessarily invited.

“We want the prom to be as age-appropriate as possible, so, after the photos, there’s a point where we ask the parents to separate,” Keith added.

And the art, which is a work-in-progress and will adorn the hallways of The Day School, is something to behold.

“The art is inspirational – it looks professionally done,” Keith said. “For a group of teachers and volunteers to whip up something so fantastic is no small feat.”

Secondary students vote for a Prom King and Prom Queen, though many go home a part of Day School nobility. Each student from the graduating class will receive a special sash declaring them a Duke or a Duchess.

And each likely will receive more than a few reasons to crack a smile.

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