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Posted: Jun 08, 2017 by The Children's Institute

Quincy Sims was born on a Wednesday. Two days later, doctors told his parents he had suffered a stroke that affected 60 percent of his brain, leaving him blind and deaf.

“They gave us timelines for when he was going to die,” said his mother, Jessica. “My husband and I were like, ‘We really think you’re wrong.’ Our work, our community, were praying for us, praying for Quincy. We wanted to do something to pay them back. So, that’s why we do Quincy’s Quest.”

Quincy just celebrated his fourth birthday in May with the Quincy’s Quest fundraiser, where more than 120 runners raised an estimated $2,100 to benefit The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Though he did not run, the Sims family hopes he will walk someday.

“Through Quincy’s Quest, the Sims family is introducing a whole new audience to The Children’s Institute’s mission, while raising funds and awareness for our amazing kids,” said Emily Peters, Director of Development at The Children’s Institute. “We deeply appreciate them and the time and effort they devote to organizing this important community event.”

The 5K event took place at Shawnee Lake in rural Bedford County, Pa. And some of the participants were rather intense, Jessica said.

“People are very serious about their [5K] times,” she laughed. “A runner came in at 20 minutes, 21 seconds” – a seven-minute mile – “and he was proud he did that well.”

Though Quincy gets physical therapy at The Children’s Institute, he doesn’t see occupational therapist Tess de las Alas. That didn’t stop the Bedford County native from trekking to her former stomping grounds to take part in Quincy’s Quest.

“Right before the race, Quincy’s dad said a few words about The Children’s Institute and they were nothing but kind, good words for the therapists he’s had,” Tess said. “I thought that was important because that part of Pennsylvania doesn’t know much about The Children’s Institute but we do get a lot of patients from there.”

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