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Pittsburgh Penguins Visit Our Amazing Kids

Posted: Apr 17, 2017 by The Children's Institute

Cameron Kennedy was in his 16th day of inpatient treatment at The Children’s Institute last week when former Pittsburgh Penguin Tyler Kennedy – no relation! – and team mascot Iceburgh came to Squirrel Hill.

Tyler, the former number 48 who won the Stanley Cup with the Pens in 2009, handed out hats, posed for tons of photos and shared a few from his cell phone, and signed a slew of autographs. But the loopy Iceburgh stole the show for some of our amazing kids.

“Iceburgh played pool – it was so much fun, it was hilarious,” Cameron laughed.

Brent Zierer also thrilled at the chance to rub elbows with members of the Pens’ organization.

“I’ve been to a Penguins game and I went to a Mario Lemieux charity event,” said Brent, pausing after crafting a pennant emblazoned with the phrase “It’s a great day for hockey in Pittsburgh.” “This is pretty fun and exciting, though. It makes staying in the hospital fun, and it makes it interesting with everything else going on around you.”

The Pens appeared last week to promote the team’s playoff match-up against Columbus. But, no matter the occasion, the visit positively lit up Austin’s Playroom – a room named in The Children’s Institute for Mario Lemieux’s son.

“The smiles on their faces are priceless,” said Sarah L. Miedel, manager of the Therapeutic Activities Department. “It’s something they don’t get to experience every day.”

Tyler also was pretty excited to see all of those smiles.

“They’re all great kids and I’m pretty lucky to come see them,” he said.

Check out Tyler Kennedy and Iceburgh's visit with our amazing kids in the video below!

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