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Meet The Day School's Alumni Group!

Posted: Feb 26, 2018 by The Children's Institute

NIcole McGuirk was three when she entered The Day School at the Childrens Institute of Pittsburgh.

But, when she graduated at 21, her mother didn't want her to leave behind the community she had known nearly her entire life.

So May Ann joined with a cadre of other graduates' parents to form The Day School Alumni Group, a loosely linked coalition that seeks to extend The Day School's bonds and community beyond graduation date. It will celebrate its fourth annual spring dinner her at The Day School with food, refreshments and DJ next month.

"It's a means to stay connected," Mary Ann said. "Hopefully people see what we have to offer and connect with other families."

Hannah Bruesewitz started going to The Day School at age 14 and graduated 8 years later.

Hannah’s mom Robie said, "When you graduate from The Day School, you feel like you have lost an important part of your child’s support system. The Day School staff and your child have sometimes been on a long journey together and when you graduate that wonderful support system is gone. It is up to you as a parent to continue to find qualitative opportunities for your adult child. The alumni group gives people an opportunity to connect again with each other, and the graduates enjoy seeing old friends."

In addition to the spring dinner the alumni group, in conjunction with The Day School, will hold the second annual homecoming in the fall of 2018.

Right now, all eyes are set on the March event, and the alumni group is trying to drum up participation.

“Our hope is that people will feel more connected after socializing with other families and graduates,” Mary Ann said.

For more information, email the group at [email protected]

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