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Derby Day at The Day School

Posted: Jun 01, 2017 by The Children's Institute

The Pinewood Derby at The Children’s Institute’s Day School was book-ended yesterday with loudspeaker musical contributions from Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody” and, closing the event, “We Are The Champions” – but the day was owned, appropriately, by the cars.

There were cars representing superheroes, ones dedicated to the work of Dr. Seuss, and ones painted like frogs and shaped like squirrels. There were time-machine cars and lightning-bolt cars and rainbow cars. There was a car for every kid.

But, in the end, it was Wayne Marshall’s “Superman Superfly” that took the final heat after the black-and-white checkered flag was unfurled.

“Oh my God,” said an exasperated Wayne, as he pulled the neck of his T-shirt up to his chin after the final race. “It feels good!”

Students from The Day School had spent roughly two months making their cars, social skills therapist Stacy Porter Smith said. And the track-stand down which those cars raced? Well, for that they had a little help from Plant Ops.

“The students started with paper. They designed it and, from there, we painted it and followed the plan,” Stacy said.

Part of that plan? The wheels, of course!     

“They were really excited,” said teacher Bob Russell, who helped the kids apply their black wheels.
“Everything was done – that last thing that went on was the wheels.”
Once complete, the kids, with a little help from Stacy, took part in exhibition and competitive races. Wayne’s car scooted the furthest down the track.
There were trophies going home with plenty of students. The student-voted special prizes went to the following:     

  • Jacob - TDS favorite

  • James - Most creative

  • Wayne - Wildest

  • Gio - Most patriotic

  • Dylan - Most artistic

  • Benji - Most sparkle

  • Josh - Most adorable

  • Zach - Most futuristic

  • Megan - Best use of color


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