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Celebrate Healthcare Human Resources Week

Posted: Feb 15, 2018 by The Children's Institute

Know someone who works at The Children’s Institute? Liz Rajkowski, who’s worked in Human Resources here for 30 years, knows them better.

Heard about the new addition to the family? Liz got the news to amend their health insurance before the little kid even had a Social Security number.

Going to the party for their new place? Liz had the address of the house filed just after closing.

“People call me,” Liz laughed. “I like to help people solve problems. I like to give them the tools, the resources to help. Often times, I give them more information than they want!”

Liz is not alone.

A team of four – Linda Allen, Vice President of Human Resources; Lisa Wakefield, Human Resources Generalist; Pam Peterman, Human Resources Associate; and Liz, the longest-tenured on the team – fill out the HR ranks at The Children’s Institute, following employees, and their lives, through arrival and departure, births and deaths in the family, and everything in between. We celebrate them today as part of Healthcare Human Resources Week.

There’s a cycle to the HR year, one dictated by budget planning, recruitment efforts and, of course, benefits, which includes annual Open Enrollment and all of that Affordable Care Act paperwork.

“It’s a huge job to get that little 1095-C in your hand,” Liz laughed.

“You have to be up on all the various employment and benefit regulations,” Linda added.

The HR team educates people through choosing their health insurance and other benefits, managing their 403(b) account, coordinating annual trainings and working closely with Payroll to assist employees. Recruitment was previously decentralized to department managers but now HR facilitates the process with managers using technology to promote job vacancies – that includes LinkedIn, Facebook and the Internet – and reach more candidates.

“I enjoy talking with the candidates and offering them the position, and they are so excited and happy to come work here at CI,” Lisa said.

Not only is CI getting more applications – which is great –but, since HR receives all the resumes, we can source candidates who may not meet the qualifications for the position they initially applied for but can be considered for other positions based on their education and experience , Linda indicated.

When it comes to recruitment, Linda or Lisa might be the contact name for the job vacancy notice, but Pam checks the references.

“Bringing a new hire on? I like getting to know them,” Pam said.

HR also is happy to extol the benefits of the Employee Assistance Program, where staffers can find help with counseling, discover care options for their children or elderly relatives – even draft a will.

“What happens is, when you have a history of the place, you know about what’s happened before,” Liz said. “I really like to be able to help people. When I can help them resolve something, that’s the most satisfying part of the job.”

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