Karen Markle, MA, BCBA

Karen Markle, MA, BCBA is the Chief Strategy Officer of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Markle joined The Children’s Institute in April 2019 after more than 20 years with Merakey, where she most recently served as the Executive Vice President of the Education and Autism Division. In 1996, Markle began as a direct care service worker with Merakey and moved up the corporate ladder holding progressive leadership positions. She and her management team pioneered an innovative method to create a continuum of services and discover funding opportunities when there seemed to be none available to fill the needs of the autism community. From a therapeutic support staff to BCBA, Markle’s experiences have involved people of all ages with all abilities. With her continual leadership and advocacy, and advanced craftsmanship of programs, Markle manages to lead the industry to new heights, further supporting efforts for individuals of all ages and abilities to live as independently as possible. Markle not only brings years of experience to The Children’s Institute, but her abilities to build relationships, leverage existing programs, and establish new services. Markle has extensive experience in behavioral health, autism, and education. Her strengths include organization-wide standardization, clinical integrity, development of new service models, expansion, and operational management of autism and educational programs.

Karen Markle, MA, BCBA
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