Autism Support Classroom Teacher Aide (Educational Paraprofessional)

17-Mar-2019, The Day School - Other
Job Status: Full-Time    Location: Pittsburgh, PA (Squirrel Hill)

Job Summary

The Teacher Aide in an Autism Support Classroom assists a certified special education teacher in a team approach to implement the certified teacher's assigned program responsibilities.

Job Relationships

Responsible To: Teacher, Educational Supervisor, Associate Chief School Administrator, Chief School Administrator (in that order)

Workers Supervised: None


Education: High School diploma or equivalent is required. A four-year degree in Education or a related field (Child Development, Psychology, Social Science) preferred.

Licensure: None

Certification: Certification in the State of Pennsylvania in Special Education or some other areas of Education is strongly preferred. Current and valid certification in CPR and First Aid is required (will provide training).

Clearances: Act 73 FBI*Act 34 Criminal Clearance*Act 33 Child Clearance

**Clearances must be obtained within 30 days of hire in order to continue active employment.

Training and Experience: At least one year of successful experience working with children strongly preferred. Experience working with students with a diagnosis of Autism in an educational setting is preferred. Knowledge of specific best practice approaches for students with autism including: Applied Behavior Analysis, verbal behavior, structured teaching, augmentative communication preferred (training provided)

PHYSICAL: The ability to lift, position, and feed students with disabilities, assist them
physically in transferring to and from wheelchairs to other equipment, and lifting on to and off of school transportation vehicles. Willingness and to assist students with feeding and toileting needs. Must be able to perform as noted on attached Physical Demands Sheet.

*To work in the secondary adapted physical education program assisting students with complex disabilities. Must have the ability to assist students in both shallow and deep water in the swimming pool.

Job Responsibilities

• Follow The Institute and The Day School rules and regulations as outlined in the Employee Handbook and The Day School Guidelines.
• Follow classroom routine and understands role within the classroom structure.
• Monitor and assist students as needed in their daily routines across classroom activities and/or settings.
• Assist in collecting and documenting data for behavioral or academic progress.
• Initiate and follow through with behavioral interventions as designated and demonstrated by the classroom teacher.
• Communicate with all team members in an appropriate manner regarding student progress and/or concerns.
• Participate in planning meetings regarding classroom curricular expectations as well as student needs across all developmental areas.
• Facilitate the teaching procedures demonstrated by the classroom teacher for small groups including errorless learning and verbal behavior techniques.
• Create materials as time allows and directed by teacher.
• Clean-up after students as necessary and at the end of the day.
• Prepare room daily for instruction in the morning or end of day as designated by teacher.
• Assist in helping a student develop necessary skills in the generalized education environment
• Perform clerical tasks necessary to the efficient functioning of the classroom and the school.
• Appropriately assists students in all areas of The Day School as directed.
• Demonstrates appropriate skills and judgment when assisting students.
• Demonstrates appropriate behavior and crisis management skills.
• Monitor students at all times including on/off the bus, lunch, and times of transition.
• Meet students in the morning to unload buses and assist with loading or unloading as necessary
• Performs necessary personal care for students.
• Assist with students requiring self-help skills in the areas of safety, eating, and toileting.
• Completes all student documentation accurately and within facility time frames
• Completes all administrative documentation accurately and timely
• Communicate effectively and in a professional manner
• Remain professional and keep student information confidential at all times.
• Completes a minimum of 20.hours of approved staff development activities annually in order to hold a paraprofessional position within The Day School.


Employment Application

Employment Application Employment Application (201 KB)

Submit cover letter, resume, application and salary requirements

Lisa Wakefield
[email protected]
The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh
1405 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Fax: 412-420-2299
Please email resumes and cover letters in PDF format, or you may fax them to the number above. The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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