Volunteer Policies and Information

There are some specific requirements and policies for volunteers and work/study students working with The Children’s Institute. Reviewing this information is helpful before coming in for an Open Call Night or a scheduled interview. It’s also a great refresher on some of the requirements to which our students and volunteers must adhere.

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Parking Policy for Work/Study Students and Volunteers

Parking is FREE! Volunteers and work/study students are allowed to park on the street around the Squirrel Hill campus. Parking tags are issued and should be displayed on the rear view mirror of your car while volunteering at the facility. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we also ask that, when at all possible, volunteers should avoid parking on Solway Street and park only around The Children's Institute on our side of the street. If it is a street cleaning day, volunteers may park on the opposite side of the street.


All information documented in a patient’s record or otherwise known about a patient at The Hospital, client of Project STAR or student of The Day School is confidential. It is the responsibility of all affiliates of our facility to safeguard this confidential information against misuse and/or from individuals who are not authorized to have access to it. To maintain confidentiality, please note the following policies:

  • The Hospital and The Day School corridors, elevators and cafeteria are public areas. Patient information is not shared in these areas.
  • Members of the press, police, government agencies and/or individuals seeking information about patients, the hospital and/or picture taking privileges must be referred to the appropriate administrator.
  • Additionally, all people affiliated with the facility are responsible for protecting and respecting the basic rights of all patients.

HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (a federal regulation) The Children’s Institute abides by HIPAA guidelines. As a volunteer, this means that a reasonable effort must be made to use or disclose only the minimum amount of Protected Health Information (PHI) to do your job. That does not mean to withhold ANY necessary PHI for treatment purposes. Please remember to do the following:

  • Close room doors when discussing any patient, student or client
  • Avoid discussion about patients/students/clients in elevators and cafeteria lines
  • Always wear your identification badge
  • Do not leave PHI exposed
  • Never leave a photocopier or printer when making copies of confidential information
  • Destroy or return to the owner any confidential information left on a photocopier or printer

For more information about Volunteer Policies, please contact Monica Smith at 412-420-2321 or [email protected].

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