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At The Children's Institute, volunteers play a vital role in all of our programs. We are proud of the individuals who choose to give their time and abilities to help others. The hours they contribute and the help they provide are an amazing gift to the children and families we serve.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Application Volunteer Application (154 KB)

Open Call Events

During an Open Call event, there is a 30 minute presentation about The Children’s Institute and its volunteer program. Immediately following, there are 15 minute interviews conducted with those still interested in volunteering who have their volunteer application filled out and in hand.

Importance of “The Match”

Because our volunteers are so valuable, we take the time to carefully match their needs and skills with available positions. Volunteers may interact with children, families, therapists, and teachers. Because we are focused on rehabilitation, most of our children are not as medically dependent or fragile as those in an acute care setting. Because of this, volunteers at The Children’s Institute enjoy more direct contact with children than they may experience in other settings.

Examples of Volunteer Placements:

  • Providing assistance in instructional and recreational programs, either during the day or in the evening in the swimming pool areas.
  • Spending time with young patients, providing companionship or assisting with therapy programs in various units of The Hospital.
  • Acting as a classroom aide, fulfilling a variety of needs in The Day School. This is a great opportunity for college students studying special education.
  • Assisting in the pediatric physical, occupational or speech therapy departments. Volunteers may help with everything from computer programming to working hands on with the children.
  • Providing essential clerical services in various departments throughout The Children's Institute. Some volunteers prefer not to interact directly with the children but still want to contribute. They provide valuable support services that keep The Children’s Institute running smoothly.

Volunteer Orientation Sessions

Once you are contacted to begin volunteering you’ll be scheduled for a Volunteer Orientation Session. These sessions are offered twice per month and are two hours in length.

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