Respiratory Therapy

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Respiratory Therapists are responsible for the treatment, assessment and care of any inpatient with a breathing disorder or breathing complication as a result of a related illness or injury. Our respiratory therapists provide therapeutic breathing treatments and administer medications and oxygen. In addition, they manage mechanical ventilators as needed in order to help to improve our patient’s quality of breathing.

Members of our respiratory therapy team are present around the clock, ready to assist patients as needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

These specialized therapists play an important role in our multi-disciplinary therapy team approach. Respiratory therapists work closely with our nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists to maximize the results of these therapies by helping patients in need of respiratory support get ready to actively participate in physically demanding therapies. They also work closely with our speech/language pathologists to help restore and/or strengthen the breathing and swallowing muscles of tracheostomized patients. When appropriate, these team members can collaborate to incorporate a speaking and swallowing valve to help patients communicate and begin eating and drinking.

For more information about Respiratory Therapy, please contact Respiratory Therapist Lyndsi Yarkosky at 412-420-2130 or [email protected].


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