Amazing Kids Workshops & Assemblies

These interactive programs start with simulation exercises that give students a better understanding of the challenges faced by someone with a learning disability like dyslexia. The Amazing Kids Workshops and Assemblies also use short videos to introduce the audience to several middle school students who have different disabilities—and they each have an interesting story to tell:

  • Scotty’s Story: After many months of therapy for a traumatic brain injury, Scotty, a typical 7th grader, returned to his regular school. Thanks to his injury, however, an incident on the basketball court caused so much emotional pain, Scotty didn’t want to go back to school.

  • Nicole’s Story: Like many middle school students, Nicole had a healthy interest in sports, even though she was born profoundly deaf. Although Nicole didn’t see her hearing impairment as a problem when she tried out for basketball, the coach and other players did.

  • Nicole B’s Story: Having to use a wheel chair due to her spina bifida, never stopped Nicole from doing anything. So, when it was time for another school dance, Nicole went along with her friends. The problem was, when they got there, all her friends started dancing, and that left Nicole sitting in her wheel chair, in the corner, all by herself, with nothing to do.

After each one of the above stories, the students in the workshop or assembly are prompted to come up with solutions for each problem. The discussion that follows, which is always lively and illuminating, helps to develop empathy and a better understanding of those students who have disabilities. Later on, when the video is resumed, the student with the disability describes the actual outcome.

For more information or to schedule an appearance, please call 412.420.2344

Typically, for any public school in Southwestern Pa., the workshops and assemblies are free, as long as funding is available. These programs have been approved by the PA. Dept of Education and qualify for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). To find out if funding is available for your school, call the number listed above.

For private schools, the fee for an Amazing Kids Workshop is $125 (50 student maximum), plus mileage for the first workshop and $75 for each additional workshop on the same day. There also is an assembly option to accommodate larger audiences (200 student maximum). The cost for an assembly is $225, plus $225 for each additional assembly. These fees are used to maintain the quality of the program — no profit is made for The Children’s Institute. 
Your school may also be eligible for free programs.

The Amazing Kids Workshops and Assemblies have been approved by the PA. Dept of Education and qualify for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). To find out if your school is eligible, call the number listed above.


“I found this program to be very valuable to the students. The hands on activities were engaging and really captured the students’ attention. The presenters did a great job of engaging our students in discussions throughout the program; our students were able to make connections with the students in the videos and empathize with them.”

-Shaler Middle School

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