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Make a wish come true!

You can make a direct and immediate impact on our amazing kids by donating an Amazing Wish List item! This list contains items that our kids need to reach their greatest potential.

Your donation will go toward the purchase of the wish item of your choice*. As a donor to The Children's Institute’s Amazing Wish List, you or your organization will be listed in Amazing Kids, our quarterly publication, and on our website.

For more information about donating funds for the purchase of an item(s) from The Amazing Wish List, please contact Emily Blume Hannon at 412-420-2204 or [email protected].

Donate one or more of the following amazing wishes:

"WonderWave" Rocker - The Day School
GYMBOP® at The Day School is a combination of adapted physical education and music classes that incorporates physical, occupational and speech/language therapies. Students attend GYMBOP® weekly, and through the use of virtual technology, music, movement and adapted equipment, they learn body awareness, improve their fine and gross motor control, and increase their expressive and receptive language and independence. The WonderWave will be used in our GYMBOP® program and will enhance each student's gross motor skills, build their confidence, and improve their balance and communication. All while having fun! Help encourage our Day School students to move, communicate, and play by fulfilling this wish!

Cost of Wish: $205 (shipping included); quantity needed: 1

Rifton HTS Toileting Chair - The Day School
Some of our students in The Day School need more support and assistance when practicing their toileting skills. Especially when it comes to hygiene, it is our goal to promote self-sufficiency and independence in our students, while also maintaining their inherent dignity. This user-friendly adapted toilet seat is designed to provide the necessary support to allow our students to work on motor skills during their toileting routine. Grant the gift of independence to our Day School students by fulfilling this wish!

Cost of Wish: $1,500; quantity needed: 1

iPad - The Hospital
Many of our therapists in the Speech and Language Therapy department utilize iPads during therapy sessions as direct teaching tools or to compliment other therapeutic methods. With an iPad, our therapists are able to save data electronically and show their patients and families the progress the patient has made at any given time. Since many families have iPads at home, they can download the same programs and apps used in therapy, which makes the transition from the therapy session to home much more smooth and effective. Consider fulfilling this wish to help keep our Speech and Language Therapy patients engaged and successful in therapy sessions and beyond!

Cost of Wish: $900 (including AppleCare and Otterbox case); quantity needed: 1

R.E.A.L. Design Convert-Able Table - The Hospital
When treating patients of all different ages, heights, and needs, our Occupational Therapists need a sturdy, versatile work table for therapeutic activities and assessments. The R.E.A.L. Design Convert-Able Table, is height adjustable and can be angled horizontally and vertically. It provides an ample work surface with a base that accommodates wheelchairs and would replace two less responsive, non-adjustable tables. Your gift would make a real and significant impact on our many outpatients at the Squirrel Hill office!

Cost of Wish: $1,450; quantity needed: 1

The Standard Stadiometer - The Hospital
When our inpatients arrive at The Children's Institute, one of the first things we do when evaluating them is measure their individual heights to better determine their nutritional needs. The Standard Stadiometer from Perspective Enterprises will easily allow our nurses and physicians to do just that. Your gift will allow us to purchase three additional stadiometers for our inpatients at the Squirrel Hill hospital!

Cost of Wish: $450; quantity needed: 2        

Suitmate Water Extractor - The Hospital
Currently, when a patient and caregiver finish an aquatic therapy session in our Squirrel Hill therapy pool, they are left with a wet swimsuit to transport home. For patients and their caregivers, this is a huge inconvenience, often causing other articles of clothing and contents in their bags, including written information from their therapists, to get wet. With the use of the Suitmate, the patient and caregivers will no longer have to worry about transporting a wet suit and damaging other accompanying materials. The Suitmate extracts 95% of the water in a wet swim suit in under 10 seconds. Give the gift of convenience by fulfilling this wish!

Cost of Wish: $2,000; quantity needed: 1
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales Test Kits (PDMS) - The Hospital
The PDMS-2 is an early childhood motor development program that provides both an in-depth assessment and training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills for children from birth to 5 years of age. Used by both Occupational and Physical Therapists, the PDMS-FM-2 has excellent test-retest and inter-rater reliability for gross motor evaluation and good test-retest and inter-rater reliability for fine motor evaluation. Our Occupational and Physical Therapists rely up on the PDMS for initial assessment of skills and deficits in children from birth to 5 years of age. It is also utilized for re-assessment to direct ongoing therapy as well as for discharge planning. Grant this wish so that more young children in our Squirrel Hill and Norwin Hills offices will be evaluated efficiently and reliably.

Cost of wish: $1, 200; quantity needed: 2 (each test kit is $600)
Sleeper Sofa - The Hospital
For families of our inpatients, our Rehabilitation Apartment offers a home-like space that serves a variety of needs. Along with accomodating natural and organic family visits off of the nursing unit, the rehabilitation apartment can also be used for evaluations and therapy sessions. This compact sleeper sofa will not only allow us to accomodate overnight stays in the rehabilitation apartment for one adult family member and their child prior to discharge, but it will also serve as a non-institutional piece of furniture to practice balancing while sitting and to provide a comfortable space for families and patients. Please consider purchasing this item so that more families of our inpatients will enjoy a safe and comfortable space apart from the noise and activity of the hospital unit.

Cost of wish: $1,200; quantity needed: 1

Large Rifton Activity Chair - The Day School
In order to help our kids increase their independence and self-sufficiency, we are always trying to provide opportunities throughout the day to practice motor skills. The Rifton Activity Chair (R870) will allow our patients to learn functional sitting and motor skills while they actively participate in activities, tasks, and daily routines. With its versatile seating system and adjustable height, the chair will allow our students of different heights and weights to work on instructional activities at table height. This versatility also allows their feet to reach the floor to encourage transfer skills. Your gift will help our amazing kids reach an even greater level of independence.

Cost of wish: $4,105; quantity needed: 1
Miniwalk Gait Trainer – The Hospital

In The Hospital, we provide our amazing kids with tools and assurance to reach their fullest potential. The Miniwalk Gait Trainer will allow our patients with physical limitations to move around freely with minimal assistance from caregivers.  Your gift will grant our amazing kids the confidence to reach newfound strength and independence. 

Cost of wish:: $5,000; quantity needed:: 1 

 *If the final cost of an item is less than the amount contributed, any remaining funds will be dedicated to complementary needs or, if not possible, released into the general fund.

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