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Children's Institute Wishlist Items

Make a wish come true!

You can make a direct and immediate impact on our amazing kids by donating an Amazing Wish List item! This list contains items that our kids need to reach their greatest potential.

Your donation will go toward the purchase of the wish item of your choice*. As a donor to The Children's Institute’s Amazing Wish List, you or your organization will be listed in Amazing Kids, our quarterly publication, and on our website.

For more information about donating funds for the purchase of an item(s) from The Amazing Wish List, please contact Kathy Krause at 412-420-2203 or [email protected]

Donate one or more of the following amazing wishes:

Socks and Shoes – The Hospital

Our amazing kids are often admitted to The Hospital without socks or shoes.  These children are in need of proper footwear to protect their feet.  By granting this amazing wish, you will be providing the comfort and support of new socks and shoes that our patients need.  New footwear can step our amazing kids in the direction of success!

Cost of wish:: $60 per patient; quantity as needed


Medium Rifton Tricycle – The Hospital

Learning to ride a tricycle is wonderful way for kids to be active and independent.  However, riding a tricycle can be challenging for our patients in The Hospital. You can help our amazing kids overcome this challenge by donating a tricycle that is adapted to meet their special needs.  Learning to ride a tricycle can increase independence and provide a fun physical activity!

Cost of wish:: $3,000; quantity needed:: 1 

Leiter-3 International Performance Scale kit and booklets
– The Hospital
Our psychology department is always working on new ways to understand our complex population. Leiter-3 is a test that feels like a game and holds our amazing kids’ interest while identifying strengths and areas of improvement. This test allows families and staff to track their developmental gains over time. Help our amazing kids reach their greatest potential by granting this wish!

Cost of wish:: $1,249; quantity needed:: 1

8 Televisions, DVDs players and Cable for Heasley House – The Hospital
The Marie Reinhardt Heasley House provides a special "home away from home" for families of inpatients at The Hospital. Located on our Squirrel Hill campus it is an eight bedroom, wheelchair-accessible home that can accommodate up to eight families.  Unfortunately, the Heasley House doesn’t have cable or private TVs and DVD players.  Give our amazing families the opportunity to relax by granting this wish! 

Cost of wish:: $3,000; quantity needed:: 1 set of 8

Miniwalk Gait Trainer – The Hospital

In The Hospital, we provide our amazing kids with tools and assurance to reach their fullest potential. The Miniwalk Gait Trainer will allow our patients with physical limitations to move around freely with minimal assistance from caregivers.  Your gift will grant our amazing kids the confidence to reach newfound strength and independence. 

Cost of wish:: $5,000; quantity needed:: 1 

Solar 3 D Wall Art

Our Wexford Satellite serves about 45 children daily, and would like to provide visitors with a child friendly and interesting waiting room. The wonder of space captures the curiosity of many; it's beautiful and full of mystery. This Solar 3D vinyl wall art, highlighting the beauty and wonder of the night sky, is just the ticket for turning time spent waiting into time spent exploring and having fun.


Cost of wish:: $4,000; quantity needed:: 1 


*If the final cost of an item is less than the amount contributed, any remaining funds will be dedicated to complementary needs or, if not possible, released into the general fund.

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