Current Priorities - Vision 2016

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The Children’s Institute is poised to make an amazing difference by focusing on a principal, singular goal: to improve the quality of life for children and youth with special needs and their families. To fulfill the life needs of children and young adults with special needs, we will expand and enhance our programs, make capital improvements and continue with our research initiatives.

Program Needs

The Children’s Institute will improve health outcomes, increase access to care and education, develop new programs, and increase our capacity to advance the continuum of services for children with special needs—and their families.

Offer Family-Centered Care Coordination

Building on our rehabilitation and case management expertise, The Children’s Institute will provide family-centered care coordination for children with medical complexity. We will proactively facilitate active collaboration among patients, physicians and families by marshalling personnel and other resources and by managing the exchange of information. Our Family-Centered Care Coordination will result in better health, better health care and reduced overall health care costs.

Improve Access through Telepresence

The Children’s Institute will transform the way we reach children and families—especially those living in remote, rural and underserved areas—by weaving new telecommunication technologies into every aspect of our programs. Through expanded virtual medical, educational and family services, we will improve access to care for vulnerable children in our region.

Focus on Transition

Many services and programs for young adults with special needs shift drastically once a young adult turns 21. Using community-based instruction, we will prepare young adults ages 18-21 for their greatest level of independence and explore the feasibility of developing a program for young adults up to age 25.

Enhance and Expand Programs and Services

Additional program areas included in the campaign are our five centers of excellence, behavioral health services, and comprehensive permanency and family support services. The Children’s Institute also will invest its own resources to develop organizational capacity by building leadership, adaptive management, and technical capacity in order to ensure sustainability of the mission.

Capital Needs

The Children’s Institute will enhance the experience for our children and families by providing additional therapeutic space to foster healing, growth and security in a child- and family-friendly environment. This will include safety and security enhancements as well as improvements to the building’s historic entrance, creating additional and accessible outdoor space for classroom and clinical areas.

Research Needs

Building on our successful efforts in environmental research, we will continue to explore new treatment modalities and treatment efficacy through translational research. Our groundbreaking work has and will continue to impact the lives of the children we serve, along with children with special needs across the country and beyond. By sharing our evidence-based practices we will help improve patient and community health beyond southwestern Pennsylvania.

To support any of the strategic initiatives under Vision 2016, please contact Emily Peters  at 412.420.2216 or [email protected]

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