Create an Extensive Telepresence

woman helping child use electronic deviceClosing the gap on access to care

Distance can separate children from services that could change their lives and it can also hinder health care professionals, school administrators and social service providers from relying on The Children’s Institute’s expertise.

That’s why The Children’s Institute is expanding care and service delivery through an extensive “telepresence” infrastructure that uses today’s best technologies to deliver medical, educational and family services. This delivery model will improve access for vulnerable children, educate professionals throughout the region, and provide innovative ways to reunify families. The Telepresence initiative will:

  • Provide expert consultations to physicians, therapists and other professionals caring for children outside of our immediate service area
  • Train out-of-area patients’ caregivers on care after discharge and assess appropriate access in the home
  • Help educators interpret situations arising with special education students, and design effective interventions
  • Present students’ families and physicians with evidence of significant behaviors observed in The Day School
  • Offer “live” visits via telepresence between families and the kids they’ll be fostering or adopting, and training in skills needed to meet the children’s needs
  • Reunite incarcerated or otherwise at-a-distance parents with their children via televisitation

Help us implement effective technologies to deliver treatment, training, education, and consulting where, and when, they’re needed.

For more information, please contact Emily Peters, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, at 412.420.2216 or [email protected].


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