Campaign Leadership

The leaders of the Make an Amazing Difference Campaign invite you to join them on a journey to shape an amazing future for countless children and families in the communities we serve.


Campaign Chairs


Michael and Judy Hannon  

Campaign Honorary Chairs


Dick, Ginny and Peter Thornburgh


Campaign Launch Event Chairs

Clint and Karla Hurdle


Retired President and CEO

David K. Miles


Campaign Committee Chairs


Gregory B. Benckart
Susan L. Boyle
Christina Cardoso
F. Brooks Robinson, Jr.
John K. Thornburgh


Campaign Volunteers

Marshall L. Balk, MD


Romayne L. Botti
Tom and Linda Boyle
Patricia Suzanne Chesko
John R. Denny
Mary Jo Dunlap
J. Keefe Ellis, Jr.
Lisa C. Fagan
Shawn Fox
Pamela W. Golden
Brian K. Holzer, MD
Julie Hughes
Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD
Jonathan M. Kamin
J. A. Katarincic, Jr.
Ellen P. Kessler
Allan MacDougall III
James W. Marczak
James P. McDonald
Susan Berger Nauhaus
B. Gordon Nelson III
S. Clayton Saftner
Susan Baker Shipley
Merrill P. Stabile
Henry B. Stafford
Maureen Staley
Nita Wadhwani
Jason R. Wilburn

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