Students with Multiple Disabilities

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A school that’s as unique and amazing as its students

Amazing kids come in all different shapes and sizes, with unique abilities, strengths, and challenges. The Day School is able to provide each and every one with an incredible learning experience.

A school designed around its students

We have 16 classrooms with between six to nine students in each. Our curriculum is based upon our students acquiring the skills that enable them to be as self-sufficient as possible within their communities. Students are assessed annually to monitor progress and parents are included in defining the goals and outcomes for their children.

A broad range of educational opportunities for the total student

We focus on the TOTAL student, integrating functional academics with life skills needed to help each child reach his or her maximum potential. We have an incredibly dedicated staff that includes: classroom teachers, teachers for specials such as adaptive physical education, art, library, and music class, and a full complement of occupational, physical and speech/language pathologists. We also provide behavioral support, social work services, psychological services, nursing services, and play/social skills training.

Facilities that encourage learning and fun

Our school has cheery, welcoming classrooms. There are computers in each classroom and sophisticated computer access devices such as switches, alternate keyboards, and other assistive devices are always available. In addition, our students have access to:

  • Fully equipped sensory room designed to encourage relaxation and thinking
  • Large gymnasium
  • Full-size swimming pool
  • Student library
  • Multi-purpose rooms for lunches and student activities
  • Treatment rooms
  • Kitchen and living room spaces

Results show we’re making the grade

Annual assessments show increases in functional communication, behavior, academic and daily living skills, and gross and fine motor skills. In addition, every year 100% of students in the Multidisabilities Support Program make progress on IEP goals and objectives. For more information, please contact Alice Shaeffer at 412-420-2354 or [email protected].

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