Our Day School Staff

day school staff

Alice Schaeffer

Educational Supervisor
Ph: 412-420-2354
Email: asc@the-institute.org

Cynthia Morelock

Associate Chief School Administrator
Ph: 412-420-2304
Email: cma@the-institute.org

Dr. Cheryl Fogarty

Chief School Administrator
Ph: 412-420-2300
Email: cfo@the-institute.org

Eva Bizzozero

Assistant to the Chief School Administrator
Ph: 412-420-2388
Email: ebi@the-institute.org

Georgeanna Hill

Educational Supervisor
Ph: 412-420-2222
Email: geh@the-institute.org

Kayla Penn

Ph: 412-420-2487
Email: kap@the-institute.org

Mary Beth Evans

School Clerk
Ph: 412-420-2149
Email: mbe@the-institute.org

To leave a message for any Day School staff member not listed above, call The Day School receptionist at 412-420-2487. The receptionist on duty will take a message and make sure it reaches the appropriate person

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