Adult Prep Classrooms

man helping young man with transitioning into adulthood

Adult Prep Classrooms

Around age 18, students from our Multiple Disabilities Support and Autism Support programs come together to form our Adult Prep classrooms. The Day School has six Adult Prep classrooms for students who are approximately 18-21 years old and who are preparing for secondary transition. The overall goal of secondary transition is for all students to achieve their greatest level of self-sufficiency and independence possible. Programming in our Adult Prep classrooms allows for opportunities to practice skills, develop competencies, and generalize skills in the community and outside placements. Functional life skills, adapted behavior skills, and social skills are part of the curriculum at the secondary level. Students' educational programs are also enhanced and supported by advanced classroom technology and the continuation of intensive related services, such as speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

For more information about our Adult Prep classrooms or Transition Services at The Day School, please contact Ashley Harland, Enrollment Coordinator, at 412-420-2222 or [email protected].

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